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  • Dirda on classics and genre literature

    Michael Dirda of the Washington Post delivers a great lecture at The Center for the Book in D.C., in which he discusses his new book which looks at 100 classic books of literature that aren’t your grandpa’s “classics”, which means books that a while back would have been ignored by elitists and classicists who categorically…

  • Back to the village with head held high

    A friend sent me this clip from YouTube this morning, saying it was the best thing she’d seen on the internet in a while.  I had to agree, it was pretty damned awesome.  

  • It breaks my heart

    Truer words…

  • The Oasis Video

    Okay, so this video is now officially making the rounds in the blogosphere.  It’s a song by Amanda Palmer, of the Dresden Dolls, whom I love, and before I say anything else, I’ll say I love this song and the video.  But I have a sort of critique of it, too.  So far I’ve read…

  • Straight from the Underground, by Nitro Microphone Underground

    I think I was only in Japan for a few weeks before I found myself venturing out to media stores alone, trying to figure out what was all around me. So much of what we in America know of Japan isn’t contemporary Japan. Most books present Japan at various stages of its history, and seem…

  • Folklore by Clammbon

    I love this band, and this singer’s voice.

  • Weird 80s Flashbacks

    I have been interrupted whilst trying to watch The Neverending Story THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW NOW. Clearly there is a conspiracy to keep me from revisiting films from my childhood. However, the YouTube video for the film’s theme song is much shorter than the film itself, and includes Limahl with crazy hair as usual!

  • Cats for Engineers and Ordinary People

    Looking for a laugh?  This did it for me this weekend.  Via Kelly.  Arigatou!

  • Totally excellent

    I came across this video via the blog “I Will Shout Youngstown” this afternoon, and thought it was really representative of the spirit that’s been taking over Youngstown in the past couple of years, and that community spirit seems to be growing more and more over time now. To be completely honest, it feels strange…

  • I love crazy things

    A wonderfully ridiculously subtitled old Indian video (I hope it’s old). The subtitles aren’t a translation, but what the listener thinks the lyrics sound like to an English speaker’s ear. I laughed a lot. Hope you do too. (Thanks to Jason Lundberg for the link).