Back to the village with head held high

A friend sent me this clip from YouTube this morning, saying it was the best thing she’d seen on the internet in a while.  I had to agree, it was pretty damned awesome.  



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10 responses to “Back to the village with head held high”

  1. Karen Avatar

    Oh my gosh, that made me cry.

  2. Kris Avatar

    The embedding wasn’t working on your site, but I watched it on youtube, and WOW. That was something.

  3. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    Karen, I know, me too! *tear*

    Kris, yeah, whoever put the video on YouTube has disallowed embedding, so I figured people would just click on the screen once it revealed that you couldn’t watch it on the blog itself, and go over to YouTube to watch it. I think they’ve disabled the embedding function on that video because they want to get the “hits” on its YouTube page to get an idea of how many people are watching this lady just a few short days after that night, and now in America too. She’s already got fan websites cropping up. Whatta story. She’s totally a character.

  4. AceMarketer Avatar

    Hey Chris,

    This woman has made it into the worlds stream of concienceness. You, Tyler and Myself all blogged about it today. It is really a great metaphor for the ol’ judging a book by it’s cover scenario. Very inspirational.

  5. Rick Bowes Avatar
    Rick Bowes

    I saw this Monday morning and was amazed. It’s her absolute confidence in her voice that is most wonderful. Women singers with that kind of instrument sometimes get a new, darker tone in mid/late career and it’s been speculated that may have happened with her. Otherwise it’s kind of hard to see how she wouldn’t have been noticed long before this. When she stands on stage with that mike in her hand everything about her is transformed. I can even understand what she says where I can’t before and after when she’s backstage.

    1. Christopher Barzak Avatar

      Everything you say about what makes her wonderful is true. But I believe, from some articles about her that I’ve read, that she was not discovered before this because she is the youngest of 9 children, and became the caretaker of their ill mother early in life, who only just passed away last year. She still lives in her childhood home. There’s something about her that comes off as still a little girl, and I think that makes a lot of sense. I can understand what she says while not singing, but I’ve got a decent ear that adapts to accents and regionalisms, from the UK too. She’s not only got a voice, she’s got a story.

  6. fusakota Avatar

    Chris ARIGATOU!
    I am a little busy this morning but I forgot that.
    I listened to Susan Boyle 3 times and blogged about .

  7. Theodora Goss Avatar
    Theodora Goss

    I blogged about this too. Isn’t she wonderful? I think it’s the astonishing purity of her voice. And I saw what Rick saw, a sort of transformation when she began to sing, as though she had gained an authority and sense of command. It’s wondeful to see a real artist in action.

  8. Christopher Barzak Avatar

    I love her to pieces, Dora. And yeah, that voice. Did you hear the recording of “Cry Me a River” from a decade ago? Wow. I definitely saw the transformation when she began to sing. As soon as the music came on, she was a different person. Only a couple of times did she break from that authority to smile at the judges, and even then it was one of those smiles that says, “See? I told you so.” I loved it. 🙂

  9. Theodora Goss Avatar
    Theodora Goss

    I did hear “Cry Me a River.” It was astonishing, I think because her voice has such expression. It’s as though she creates a sort of character who is singing and expressing something. It’s not just about singing well.

    I’ve also heard her interviewed, and she seems to be overcoming her initial nervousness. She comes across as smart and sensible, more like the person we saw singing than like the one whose mannerisms were mocked. I usually couldn’t care less about these sorts of shows, but I know I’m going to buy her first CD.

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