For Scott Westerfeld

Reading on Scott Westerfeld’s wife’s Justine Larbelestier’s blog that poor Scott has been deemed “not pretty at all” in a journalistic attempt to play on the titles of his YA Uglies series, I feel compelled to remind all of us of the serious nature of beauty evaluation, and how damaging it can be. Allow me to present T-boz, Left Eye and Chilli, far more articulate representatives than I. And Scott, don’t listen. Take deep breaths and do yoga exercises like Left Eye. Or do some karate like Chilli. You’re a looker in my book. 😉


You know, I knew Matt Cheney had declared there would be a Barzak World Domination Day, and that he had contacted some people to blog with him about it. But I spent most of this afternoon between class and gym and class and tv interview seeing that list of links on Mr. Cheney’s Mumpsimus grow and grow. This is me in my office at my computer earlier today: jaw slowly drops, eyes wide, flush of heat in my cheeks, so I know I’m blushing even though there’s no one around to see me, and then, well, you know, I got a bit teary eyed about some of those posts and all the love in general. I’m speechless. I really really don’t know what to say, but you guys…you guys! I love ya.

All about me…

Over at The Swivet there’s a reallllllly long interview with me, and is also giving away copies of One for Sorrow if you answer one question for Colleen in the comments. Hey, free books, what’s not to love?

And the so-called Barzak World Domination Day has begun, thanks to the evil machinations of one Matt Cheney over at the Mumpsimus, where there is also a Q&A with me (much shorter than the one at the Swivet). Matt will eventually be collecting links to the various factions, religious sects and militias that he contacted over the past week to participate in this world domination day, and so will Brooke over at the Stage’s blog. Until then, you can also check out Gwenda’s blog, where I’ve written something essayist (jeez, am I long-winded!) and Colleen’s blog, where she has really cool photos! There are others I’ve run across already–wow, you guys are fast!–but I’m almost late for school, so later!