Category: Change

  • Long live art

    A really interesting article about the changes in the art world over the past decade or two, mirroring the movement away from global awareness that multiculturalism had been brewing in the late 80s to 90s as the country moved politically towards greater conservatism, and how that has, in the end, handicapped American art as it…

  • Lincoln Avenue

    Sherry Linkon, of Youngstown State University, has one of the most illuminating radio shows in town, Lincoln Avenue, named both for the street on which our local NPR station is located as well as a play on her last name.  Last week she interviewed Marilyn Geewax, senior business editor for National Public Radio, who also happens…

  • It breaks my heart

    Truer words…

  • 2009

    Despite whatever anyone says, you are going to be wonderful.  In the literal sense of the word. No justification or reasons are necessary. Just know it.

  • A request

    Spring has come, finally, at least for today.  Please stay!

  • Caught in the middle

    Listen up, Midwesterners. This is all about your future.

  • Sabishii

    After a night spent reading my journal from when I started it back in 2002 up until I came home from Japan in 2006, I can officially say that a.) I’m glad I’m no longer a twenty-something, b.) I’m SO glad I went to Japan and grew the hell up (well, at least a little)…

  • Wick Park Revitalization Project

    Please join Defend Youngstown and Youngstown CityScape with the professional services of The Urban Design Center of Northeast Ohio in our initial meeting for Community-wide input in the WICK PARK REVITALIZATION PROJECT. What: Share sense of history of Wick Park, information about the current conditions, restrictions on its use; discuss community goals and intended outcome…

  • I’m kind of getting my hopes up

  • Ungood Morning

    Spring semester started here yesterday. It’s funny that Spring semester begins in winter. Gives an odd feel to the whole thing when I look out the window and see that it’s snowing. I didn’t consciously do any New Year’s resolutions this year, but unconsciously I see that I did. One of them was to get…