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  • Life on the lowest setting

    On his blog, my friend John Scalzi has recently posted about the privilege of the straight white male in American society by using a decidedly clever metaphor to describe what is often invisible to others, especially to those who hold the most privilege: Imagine life here in the US — or indeed, pretty much anywhere…

  • Me at Better World Books

    Another short post that actually points you to a longer post I wrote for Better World Books, a truly revolutionary online bookseller with an important mission. Several months ago, Better World Books featured my first novel on a list of books for readers who want to “travel around the world” via books.  I was surprised…

  • Folklore by Clammbon

    I love this band, and this singer’s voice.

  • Atama Yama

    Due to extreme curiosity inspired by my Japanese translator’s comments in the previous post, I sought out this amazing Japanese animated short film on YouTube, and thought it was absolutely beautiful. So of course I have to share it here.

  • This weekend


  • Let them entertain you

    An excerpt from the first essay in Michael Chabon’s new book of essays, Maps and Legends, which is a gorgeous book. It has three covers of varying sizes and colors, overlapping one another to make a sum that is greater than its three parts. Those people at McSweeneys know how to put together a beautiful…

  • A peek at the Stage

    I’m always writing about The Stage when we have one here in Ytown, about once a month, under the wild and wonky lead and people-exciting power of my friend Brooke, and my friend Karen always loves the posters and publicity images Steven Andrew is making for the Stage, but here are some lovely photos from…

  • The Year in Brief

    Following the trend of posting the first line of the first day of each month from the past year’s blog: Jan: Spring semester at the university begins next week. Feb: News came yesterday that a hypertextual flash fiction project called “23 Small Disasters” created by myself, Elad Haber, Greg van Eekhout, Meghan McCarron, Tim Pratt, Benjamin Rosenbaum (who conceived the…

  • Pics from the house

    Here are a few pics of rooms that have been made livable and lovable in the new house. And the house also had its first house guests. The house loved them. More guests, please!

  • Nippon Worldcon

    Does anyone have plans to go to Japan’s Worldcon this summer?